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It's the most wonderful time...

It's the most wondeful time of the year! I LOVE the first day of school! Jim and I were off today and as soon as Jasmine got on the bus it was celebration time! Our lil' princess rides the bus to school this year, has her OWN desk, and loves being in 1st grade. I'm so happy...


You Are the Very Gay Peppermint Patty!

Softball is the huge tipoff here...
As well as a "best friend" who loves to call her "sir"


All is well in my little world tonight. I finally have my home office set up! I can function! I have room to breathe! MY SPACE! MINE...MINE...MINE... Girlie things like Hello Kitty (too kewl! I'm so 15!) My work tables, altars, LIBRARY (ok, just lots of shelves right now but still!). Did I say MINE?!?! My family has to make an effort to come and find me - out to the deck, down a flight of stairs, around and under the deck, and through my door...IF it is unlocked. I'll have curtains by week's end. I even have a microwave. And frozen pastries. And a beer buzz...a nice one. Alone, just me, wheeeee!

I'm a big girl now.

Yep Uh-huh

Sounds about right.....

In the dark ages, how would Tamar die?

You would be eaten by wolves while collecting firewood. Crap.
'How would you die in the dark ages?' at QuizGalaxy.com

Rhianon_Sings gave me the letter M

It works like this: You reply to this post and I give you a letter ofthe alphabet. Then you dredge up 10 songs that start with said letter and put them in your journal (with these or similar instructions).

1. Money - Pink Floyd
2. My Humps - Black Eyed Peas
3. Mr. Brown - Bob Marley
4. Making Out - No Doubt
5. Misty Mountain Hop - Led Zepplin
6. Murder Was The Case - Snoop Dogg
7. My Name Is - Eminem
8. Music - Madonna
9. Miss Independant - Kelly Clarkson
10.Marble Hall -Enya

WooHoo! It's harder than you think!

My Weekend

This past weekend was great. It seemed what to be a typical weekend here at Caer Bradley. Chores got accomplished, Bri & Edweirdo came over (thanks to him I now have wireless hurray!), hung out with the family, had Hearth on Sunday. I enjoyed this very "normal" weekend.

My father-in-law seems to be curbing his attitude, I am so proud of myself for sticking to my guns and not giving in to his Eeyore attitude. I do have to keep him in check, Friday I was burning the midnight oil he came home pretty lit up - to the point of walking a little clumsy. Not smart driving home, he could have gotten a DWI or worse, hurt or killed someone. I wasn't about to lecture him when he was in that state of being, it would have only turned into a fight.
I think we had very different ideas of what living with each other would be like. The light at the end of this very long tunnel has gotten a bit brighter, the land surveyers are going to be out this week to get the ball rolling, let me stand up and do the dance of joy!

Sabre spent the night outside, by his choice. I'm such a worry wort, he hasn't been home yet - he's missed breakfast, I do hope he's alright.

The deer have migrated from eating blackberries outside the kitchen window to the field - must have some seasonal greens out there they like. Autumn is definately catching up to these warm summer breezes, I can feel it, I can't wait! Autumn is by far my favorite season. Sweatshirts, flannels, cider, trips to the pumpkin patch, apple pies, Samhain. I love all of it!

Of course, with Autumn comes Descent, oddly this year I am not dreading it. Since going to Wales I have a fresh look at life and I'm going to take the cards as Goddess deals them.

Pictures Needed

Hey Everyone: I am attempting to update my website, and I am in need of some pictures. I am looking for pictures that you took of your favorite flowers, herbs, plants, trees, and I will give you mad props on the site.
I know you got some...hit me up!

What's Up Doc?

So, I went back to the doctor this afternoon, I was there a few days ago for a sinus infection and upon further testing it shows that I've got asthma. So now I'm on RhinoCort sinus spray, an inhaler, cough medicine to rest my throat from coughing every 10 minutes. I go to an allergy specialist September 1 for the full test to see what I'm allergic or not. Sooo right now I'm feeling rather crappy.

Ho Hum Diddly Dum Rum Tum Tum

Like that Subject line? Straight out of a Pooh movie. I'm feeling a bit "pooh"ish this morning. I've got a rumbly in my tumbly and I don't know what I want to eat and I need to think...think...think...about all the stuff I have to get done.

Zeke is outside all by his little self this morning, my cat Sabre is supposed to be minding him out there however, I think Sabre has ditched his little brother once again. Zeke is almost 12 weeks old, he has learned a few basic commands including: come, come inside, sit, and potty. This weekend will will begin working on "sit - stay". I'm so grateful that Boxers are easily trained and eager to learn.

Like Brigid, I too have been working on my office space. The upper main portion of the house is coming along nicely, we're taking our time renovating until Jim's father gets his house built, which is ALSO coming along nicely. I think we are all in agreement on that one!

So my office is chock full of boxes at the moment but as soon as I'm unpacked I will have room to store all of The Owl Nest extra supplies and decorations, Sisterhood Of Avalon products, I will have a workbench for my aromatherapy/elixir/soap crafting projects, a small library reading area and a place to set up my Reiki table for in home appointments.

We've also decided that after Jim's father's house is complete we are going to replace the tin roof on the cabin and build the addition onto the deck so Jim and I will have a 20X20 master suite, and a completed basement as a family room. I'm so excited!

I've also been looking into renovation and preservation of the origional cabin. I didn't realize that a 200 year old house would need so much TLC! We are so in love with this place! As soon as I find the cd of the pictures of the house I will upload for all to see! Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine being blessed with this amazing home.

The new part of the house we are decorating very contemporary and the old cabin we are making very witchy. Did I mention the foyer is being decorated around a Mabanogian Map I bought in Wales?
I could be projecting - but the feeling of my property reminds me a lot of the Welsh landscape, maybe because it's such an old farm and the property is so established, or maybe goddess is blessing me with a gift that keeps giving - the opportunity to have gone to Wales with the most AMAZING women ever, and to capture that feeling and keep it with me all the days of my life. Geesh, I'm sounding like a soap opera!

12 days until school starts, and not a minute too soon! I am taking Jas out school shopping at the Gettysburg Outlets this weekend, just us girls and a whole lotta shopping! We are very excited!